Model processes to automate the production in cement public industry of Ecuador (MPIC)

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Diego Marcelo Cordero Guzmán
Edgar Chacón
Isael Sañay
Deisy Janeth Criollo Delgado


Systems integration is imperative for the cement industry; to achieve that, it is necessary to have technical and methodological adequate tools. The aim of this work is to propose and describe a methodological framework that involves production processes modeling and its integration with the business processes modeling. It is used the holonic paradigm to model the production processes and a set of technical tools to reach the integration schema, which is based on the Production Unit Holon. The viability of activities is analyzed in three aspects: physical, logistical and economical; physical activity evaluation takes into account products and process models; logistical evaluates the availability of resources that are supplied by the software systems installed at the plant and, the economic viability using ABC approach, in order to calculate the estimated cost for each product.
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