Study of a new approach for measuring thermal conductivity and diffusivity of materials

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Rodney Hechavarría Díaz
Osvaldo Delgado
Francisco Pazmiño


In the present work it has been studied the possibilities and limitations of non-stationary method, which uses heat as a source of light radiation. In this method, a new variant proposed by this group, the light is impinged evenly over one of the end surfaces of a cylinder lateral surface heat insulated, keeping the temperature constant at the other end.Similarly, the possibility of using the above method for measuring the diffusivity and thermal conductivity (α,χ) fluid is analyzed and how it could be used to check the validity of the Hamilton and Crosser´s model (HC) to the case of nano-fluids. It has been called nano-fluid, fluid anyone conventionally used for heat exchange, to which are added nano-particles in order to increase its thermal conductivity, thereby improving their ability to exchange heat.
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