Design and construction of a corn sheller

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José Olger Pérez Silva
Luis Christian Cholca Cacuango
Gustavo Andrés Mantilla Valencia


This article lays out the design and construction of a corn sheller with the objective to replace the monotonous manual labor of those who shell corn, which often causes injuries and illnesses in farm workers.The arduous manual labor causes occupational damages to the health of the worker, who produce 10q of corn daily using the artisanal manner. Among the serious injuries which can arise are tendonitis of the thumb, lumbago of the back, and dorsal lordosis produced by shelling in a bad posture. Faced with this situation, an alternative was proposed: designing and subsequently constructing a machine which would carried out the same labor replacing human stress.The machine’s design and construction process is described; which allowed obtaining 105q daily in a fast and clean way, to thresh all kinds of corn with a humidity between 10 to 15%, supplying the demand in the market and safeguarding the physical health of workers.
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