Influence of the parameters of the friction-stir welding process (fsw) in the mechanical properties at the aluminum 6061 join

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César Arroba-Arroba
Wilson Vaca-Ortega
Francisco Peña-Jordan
Diego Núñez-Núnez
Raúl Toapanta-Bautista


There is a clear trend in the transportation industry for the reduction of weight in structural components with the objective of improving the efficiency of energy consumption. The materials that are used for this purpose are aluminum and magnesium alloys; however the same as when bonded by fusion welding methods, the joints have low mechanical properties compared to the base material. Friction welding is an alternative to solid join these materials and has shown good compatibility and high efficiency. The objective of this work is the analysis of the effect of the welding speed on the mechanical strength of the joints for the 6061 T6 aluminum alloy welded by FSW. From the study, we obtained curves of tensile strength, guided bending and hardness in the weld showing better behavior in specimens that were joined to a higher speed of rotation of the tool.
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