Carbon Monoxide Concentration Monitoring Using Long-Rang Technology

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José Ignacio Vega-Luna
Mario Alberto Lagos-Acosta
Gerardo Salgado-Guzmán


A remote monitoring system for carbon monoxide (CO) sensors is presented in a hospital using Long-Range transceivers. A highly toxic gas that can´t be detected by humans and damages health is CO. There are hospital areas where air purity is greater than 90% and monitored continuously. The objective of this work was to design a wireless system that reports to a server ,located on the Internet, the concentration levels of CO around ten sensors distributed around the areas of a hospital. A low-power wide area network (LPWAN) was deployed using ten Long-Range technology transceivers and a gateway. Each node of the LPWAN consists of a CO sensor, a global positioning system module, a quartz liquid crystal display, an alert generator, a microcontroller and a Long-Range transceiver. The nodes transmit the CO levels to the gateway and the gateway sends them to the server. When a CO level higher than a threshold value is detected, an alert is triggered. The system detects CO concentrations of 10 to 1,000 ppm. The farthest network node is located 1,200 meters from the gateway and the range achieved was 11.8 Kilometers.
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