Determination of the maximum compression pressure of a MEP based on a RNAR

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Wilmer Rafael Contreras Urgiles
Mauricio Arichávala
Cristian Jérez


In the present research the explanation of the applied methodology for the determination of the maximum pressure of compression of an engine of internal combustion alternative of ignited provoked (MEP), that is based on a study that starts from the characterization of the curves of the amperage rating of the starter motor. A protocol for data acquisition and subsequent statistical analysis is applied. The statistical values of the signal as energy, average, standard deviation, variance, kurtosis, asymmetry, maximum, minimum and crest factor are selected in function of the greater contribution of information for the characterization of the experiment; these values generate databases that are applied for the creation and training of a recurrent artificial neural network (RNAR) in which an absolute error of less than 2\% is obtained. In the first instance, the test methodology is applied in an engine assembled in a didactic bank and then the application of the method is applied in vehicles.
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