Monitoring Network to Automate the Cooling System of a Data Center

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José Ignacio Vega Luna
Francisco Javier Sánchez-Rangel
Gerardo Salgado-Guzmán
José Francisco Cosme-Aceves
Víctor Noé Tapia-Vargas
Mario Alberto Lagos-Acosta


The objective of this work was to develop a monitoring network of temperature, humidity and air quality in a data center to automate the on and off switching of the cooling, ventilation and air filtering system using IoT (Internet of Things). A network with long-range wireless technology was implemented, consisting of five slave nodes, a master node and a user interface. The slave nodes periodically transmit the value of the three environment variables to the master node. The master node sends the information received from the slaves to a cloud server, so that it can be accessed from a user interface. When the value of any of the variables reaches the configured threshold, the cooling, ventilation and/or filtering system is activated as required. The tests showed that an accuracy of less than ±1.0 °C was obtained in the measurement of temperature, less than ±2% in the measurement of humidity, less than ±8μg/m³ in the measurement of air quality and a range of 11.5 kilometers with line of sight was achieved in data transmission over the network. Based on these results, the network can be implemented to monitor sensors and processes in other facilities with this scope.
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