Numerical Analisys of a Water Heating System Using a Flat Plate Solar Collector

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William Quitiaquez
José Estupiñan-Campos
C.A. Isaza Roldán
Fernando Toapanta-Ramos
Andrés Lobato-Campoverde


The objective of the present research work was to carry out a numerical analysis by means of CFD of a flat plate solar collector, in addition to a comparison with experimental results. The working fluid reached a maximum outlet temperature of 20.16 °C at 12:00, the value of solar radiation was determined for the geographical coordinates latitude -0.2252 and longitude -77.84; similarly, at this time it was possible to obtain a temperature of 27.12 °C on the collector surface, as peak value. The lowest performance of the heat transfer device was determined at 10:00 with an outlet water temperature and maximum temperature on the collector surface of 18.65 and 20.48 °C, respectively. The experimental results showed a maximum temperature of 20.93 °C and a minimum temperature of 19.4 °C, resulting in a 4.01 % error between the computational simulation and the experimental data.
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