«INGENIUS» Is an open access journal entirely free for readers and authors that encourage the re-use and self-archiving of articles in databases, repositories, directories and international information systems. There is no fee to publish in the journal.   In this sense, «INGENIUS» has a Creative Commons 4.0 License of Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. and is included in the directory of Open Access DOAJ.


  1. Copyright

The work published in the «Ingenius» Journal are subject to the following terms:

1.1. The Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (RUC: 0190151530001) Preserves the copyrights of the published works, and favors and allows their re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Ecuador license, for which they may be copied, used, distributed, transmitted And publicly display, provided that:

1.1.a. the authorship and original source of their publication is cited (magazine, editorial, URL and DOI of the work).

1.1.b. Do not use for commercial or onerous purposes.

1.1.c. The existence and specifications of this license are mentioned.

1.2. The publication will grant each item a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Example:

Oñate, L. y Ordóñez, J. (2016), «Detector de bordes de imágenes usando un microcontrolador arm». Ingenius N.º 16, (Julio – Diciembre). Pp. 30 – 35. ISSN:1390-650X. https://doi.org/10.17163/ings.n16.2016.04

  1. Open Access policy

2.1. «INGENIUS» Is an open access journal, available in open access with no time restrictions, and is included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

2.2. Self-archiving conditions: Authors are allowed to re-use published works, that is, post-print (or the final post-peer review or PDF version of the publisher) may be archived for non-commercial purposes, including their deposit in institutional repositories, thematic or personal web pages. Color Sherpa/Romeo: Blue.

  1. Right of readers

3.1. Readers have the right to read all of our articles for free immediately after publication. This publication does not have any economic charge for the publication or for access to the material.

  1. Automatic publishing

«INGENIUS» Makes its articles available in trusted third-party repositories (i.e. Redalyc, Latindex, institutional repositories ...) immediately after publication.

  1. Archiving

This journal uses different national and international repositories such as Redalyc, Latindex, Dialnet, REDIB ... The Portico repository and the Institutional Repository of the SUniversidad Politécnica Salesiana (Ecuador) are digitally archived and indexed.

  1. Machine readability and interoperability

Full text, metadata, and citations of articles can be traced and accessed with permission. Our open social policy also allows the readability of the files and their metadata, facilitating interoperability under the OAI-PMH protocol of open data and open source. Files from both full-length publications and their article segmentation are available in open HTML, XML, but also PDF, E-Pub and ISSUU formats, making it easy to read on any device and computing platform.