Every article will be subjected to a rigorous arbitration process; the evaluation of the article will be made according to criteria of originality, relevance, topicality, contributions, scientific rigor and compliance with established editorial guidelines.

As it is an arbitrated publication, the Editorial Board approves its publication based on the concept of specialized pairs. The receipt of a document does not imply a publication commitment.

Once the manuscript has been received in OJS, a first check by the editorial team of the following points is performed

  • The topic is in accordance with the criteria of the journal.
  • Must have IMRDC structure
  • It must be in the INGENIUS journal format.
  • You must use the IEEE citing form.
  • All references should be cited in the text of the manuscript as well as charts, figures and equations.
  • The manuscript is original; to ensure this software is used to determine plagiarism.

The Reviewers must also comply with the review form and the ethical code of reviewers.

The evaluation described above can take up to 4 weeks.

If any of the points above is not complete or there is inconsistency, an email will be sent to the author to make the requested corrections.

The author will make the corrections and re-send the contribution through an email in response to the notification and will also upload the corrected manuscript into OJS supplementary files.

The editorial team will verify that the requested corrections have been incorporated, if it complies, the manuscript will start the second part of the process and may be followed by the author through OJS, otherwise the author will be notified and the manuscript will be archived

The second phase of the process consists of the evaluation under the methodology of double-blind review, which includes national and foreign experts considering the following steps:

  • The editor assigns two or more reviewers for the article.
  • After reviewing the article, the reviewers will submit the evaluation report with one of the following results.
    • Accepted
    • Accepted with minor revisions
    • Accepted with major revisions
    • Rejected
  • The editor once received the evaluation by the reviewers will analyze the results and determine if the article is accepted or denied.
  • If the article is accepted, the author will be notified to make corrections if required and the corresponding editorial process will be continued.
  • If the article is denied, the author will be notified and the manuscript will be archived
  • In the two previous cases the result of the evaluation of the reviewers and their respective recommendations will be sent

The second phase of the process lasts at least 4 weeks, after which they will be notified to the author giving instructions to continue with the process.