Analysis of the Hfo-1234ze as an Ecological Alternative In Domestic Refrigeration

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Cristian Andrés Andrade Terán


Food refrigeration is an essential process in homes, and thus a home refrigerator becomes an indispensable appliance. Being this one of the biggest consumers of electrical energy and contamination due to the refrigerant used for its operation, it is important to look for alternatives that improve this process. This study aims to implement the HFO, R12354ze as an ecological alternative in domestic refrigeration, in response to environmental demands to reduce climate change and deterioration of the ozone layer. Through a thermodynamic and heat transfer analysis, simulating the cooling cycle and the behavior of the fluid in heat exchange using specialized software and CFD, the HFO is presented as an acceptable alternative achieving cooling parameters which are between 5% and 8 % different from common refrigerators currently used, with an environmental cost up to 99% lower, without altering their energy efficiency. Taking advantage of the properties of the HFO, it is possible to improve the coefficient of performance of the cooling cycle by 12%.