Methodological Proposal for the Design and Analysis of a Formula sae monocoque

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Rafael Wilmer Contreras Urgiles
Carlos Ayrton Jaramillo Andrade
Erick Josué Pizarro Barrera


This paper explains the methodology employed to design a Formula Student monocoque based on the regulations set forth in 2020. The values obtained from CAD (Computer Aided Design) modeling and FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis are the pillars of this study. The values of mass, center of gravity, and geometry have been specifically selected because they provide crucial information that aids in the identification of optimization points during the design process. The FEM analysis establishes the allowable stresses for the monocoque within the safety parameters, with a minimum admissible safety factor of 1.1. Two CFRP laminates (Carbon Fiber Laminate and Epoxy Resin Laminate) are developed from the model obtained. The first one yields a simulated weight of 38 kg, and the second one a weight of 20 kg. A stress analysis was performed on the lighter-weight model, obtaining results superior to those of a tubular chassis. A 2017 electric single-seater model is taken as a reference.