Performance for interoperability between Raspberry pi and ESP8266 with a PLC in a Node-RED server for IIoT

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J. Torres Ventura
A. H. Ruelas Puente
J. R. Herrera García


This work evaluates the feasibility of integrating low-cost Raspberry pi boards and ESP8266 microcontrollers with industrial equipment of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) in a decentralized network. These devices will be the nodes that participate in the exchange of data between the manufacturing floor and business services in a simple, reliable and economical way. The network nodes produce and consume data that is exchanged by an open-source protocol manager node called Node-RED. The protocol manager is a server with a Linux kernel on a RISC (Reduced instruction set computing) microprocessor. The sensors in the manufacturing nodes use SoC (System On Chip) microcontrollers and through the concept of Edge computing they acquire, process and send their data to the protocol manager. Thus, using the Iperf3, Wireshark and MTR tools, we will measure the performance of the communications link and the status of the participating nodes in their data production/consumption processes.