Design of a micro-hydraulic generation system based on an Archimedes screw

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Alan Cuenca Sánchez
Willian Farinango Galeano
Joan Murillo Zambrano


In this work, the principle of hydroelectric generation, used on a large scale in our country, is applied. The built system represents a didactic laboratory tool in teaching courses on renewable energies. The objective of this article is the construction of a didactic hydraulic micro generator that allows to take advantage of the kinetic energy of water to produce electrical energy. In addition, having said system in an educational institution helps to teach concepts of renewable energies such as micro-hydraulics and promote its applications in rural areas through projects related to society. Important design aspects such as power generation, use of the Archimedes screw model, supply of water resources, cost of materials for processing, installation of the generator, among others, have been considered. This proposal offers a low-cost educational solution that is easy to reproduce, which generates a maximum power of 8(W) with a flow rate of 10(l/s), which allows supplying a certain electrical demand, mainly for lighting. Through a model validated in the laboratory thanks to the removable system that must be used in a real environment, tests were carried out using a water storage tank and a pump. With these results it is concluded that the built system takes advantage of a reduced water flow to produce clean and renewable energy.