Computational model to determine the optimum level of chargeability of the power transformers of the national interconnected system

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Juan Rodríguez
Víctor Orejuela


This document outlines the process of development and implementation of a computational model to determine the optimal level chargeability power transformers National Interconnected System of Ecuador. Thanks to the tools of software platforms that allow constructing mathematical models to make predictions and optimize the behavior of complex systems, it is possible to develop a computational model that encompasses all technical aspects indicated and documented in the ANSI and IEC, to determine the parameters affecting the chargeability of power transformers and the impact this has on the life of transformers. Under these parameters the computational model, determine a solution, both from a technical standpoint, and economically, and that in developing this model based on the technical development - economic, determining the optimal chargeability transformers, and establishes a projected life of the power transformer within the power grid.