Comparative analysis of technical indicators of explotative in the cane harvesters KTP-2M and KTP-3000S

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Euro Rodrigo Mena
Rolando E. Simeón-Monet
Julio C. Pino-Tarragó
Joao L. Barzaga-Quesada
Roberto F. Beltrán-Reyna
Yoandrys Morales-Tamayo


The processes of design, manufacture and operation of agricultural machinery are closely related to increased levels of productivity, fuel consumption and improving cane crops. This research aims to make a comparative analysis of the exploitative technical indicators cane harvesters KTP-2M and KTP-3000S. In the analysis it was demonstrated that the performance of the KTP-3000S harvester exceeds the KTP 2M, achieving significant values in terms of time, field efficiency, coefficient of technical safety, foreign matter field during cutting and values of total production not having this same behavior with fuel consumption indicators and values of crop losses throughout the period. So we can say that the KTP-3000S sugar cane harvester, presented a better performance during the fulfillment of its service destiny.