Published: 2016-07-01


John Calle
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Scientific Paper

Comparative analysis of technical indicators of explotative in the cane harvesters KTP-2M and KTP-3000S

Euro Rodrigo Mena, Rolando E. Simeón-Monet, Julio C. Pino-Tarragó, Joao L. Barzaga-Quesada, Roberto F. Beltrán-Reyna, Yoandrys Morales-Tamayo
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Exploitation of biomass resources in the form of wood waste for steam boiler

Juan Sebastián Arroyo Vinueza, Washington Salvatore Reina Guzmán
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Model processes to automate the production in cement public industry of Ecuador (MPIC)

Diego Marcelo Cordero Guzmán, Edgar Chacón, Isael Sañay, Deisy Janeth Criollo Delgado
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Corrosion and tribocorrosion performance of commercial anodized aluminum alloys

Samantha Rodriguez, Edwuin Jesus Carrasquero Rodriguez, Luis Marcelo Lopez Lopez, Jorge Isaac Fajardo Seminario
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