Prototype of a Device for the Automatic Measurement of Physiological Signals to Assist the Diagnosis and Monitoring of patients with COVID-19

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Karla Llanos
Christian Landi
Fernando Yupa
Paola Vasquez
Ismael Criollo
John Calle-Siguencia
Fernando Urgilés-Ortiz
Ana Cecilia Villa-Parra


This article describes the design, construction and preliminary results of a device to automate the measurement of physiological signals to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of COVID-19. The device uses a system to controlling linear actuators to turn on/off certified biomedical instruments, in addition to algorithms for image recognition of displays with measurements of temperature, oxygen saturation, pressure and heart rate. The system also includes a mobile application, which receives data in real time and creates a database for medical evaluation. Results obtained with the device have demonstrated to provide a high percentage of efficiency in the data acquisition. After several trials with users, SUS and PSSUQ tests were applied to allow verifying the users’ feedback regarding the satisfaction and usability of the prototype, with high score, showing the good acceptance of the device from the users.