Published: 2022-01-01



Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho, Ph.D.
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Special Issue: Use of Engineering Techniques to Fight COVID-19

Characterization of DELUX: Ultraviolet light sterilization device for PFF2 / N95 masks against COVID-19

Christiane Bertachini Lombello, Nasser Ali Daghastanli, Hermann Windisch Neto, Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca, Felipe Nogueira Ambrosio, Raquel Arbex, Isabella Kobb Fernando, Victor Allisson da Silva, Luisa Pataquini dos Santos, Patricia Aparecida da Ana
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Evaluation of AIoT performance in Cloud and Edge computational models for mask detection

Felipe Quiñonez-Cuenca, Cristian Maza-Merchán, Nilvar Cuenca-Maldonado, Manuel Quiñones-Cuenca, Rommel Torres, Francisco Sandoval, Patricia Ludeña-González
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Prototype of a Device for the Automatic Measurement of Physiological Signals to Assist the Diagnosis and Monitoring of patients with COVID-19

Karla Llanos, Christian Landi, Fernando Yupa, Paola Vasquez, Ismael Criollo, John Calle-Siguencia, Fernando Urgilés-Ortiz, Ana Cecilia Villa-Parra
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Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science

A Deep Learning Approach to Estimate the Respiratory Rate from Photoplethysmogram

Lucas C. Lampier, Yves L. Coelho, Eliete M. O. Caldeira , Teodiano F. Bastos-Filho
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D-BLAST MIMO Perfomance Analysis over SDR-USRP

Freddy Cárdenas, Jairo Otáñez, Juan Inga, Esteban Inga, Andrés Ortega
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