Reuse of Electrical Vehicle Batteries for Second Life Applications in Power Systems with a High Penetration of Renewable Energy: A Systematic Literature Review

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Jorge Campoverde-Pillco
Danny Ochoa-Correa
Edisson Villa-Ávila
Patricio Astudillo-Salinas


This article presents a systematic literature review on the reuse of electric vehicle batteries (EVB) for second-life applications in power systems. The end-oflife of these batteries represents a major environmental problem due to their composition and materials. The study aims to analyze the reuse of EVBs as a sustainable alternative for the environment. Additionally, it seeks to provide complementary services to facilitate the incorporation of intermittent unconventional renewable generation into the electrical grid. Through an exhaustive search of scientific publications indexed in prestigious digital catalogs and their subsequent systematic treatment, a selected group of 49 scientific articles published between 2018 and 2023 have been found in which the different opportunities, benefits and limitations of second-life energy storage systems oriented to boost a circular economy have been identified. The study concludes that, although the reuse of batteries has not yet been fully addressed or implemented due to existing challenges in terms of technology, costs, and regulations, it is of utmost importance to delve deeper into its analysis to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts associated with the manufacturing, use, and disposal of such batteries.