Published: 2024-01-01



John Calle-Siguencia
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Additive Manufacturing

Tensile/Compressive Response of 316L Stainless Steel Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

Germán Omar Barrionuevo, Iván La Fé-Perdomo, Esteban Cáceres-Brito, Wilson Navas-Pinto
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Prediction of abrasive wear and surface hardness of printed parts by SLA technology

P. Muñoz-Valverde, O. Villena-López, L. Mayorga-Ases, CristianUnviersidad Técnica de AmbatoC. Pérez-Salinas, D. Moya
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Electrical Engineering

A non-linear optimization model assessment for the economic dispatch of isolated microgrids

Carlos Veloz, Diego L. Jimenez J., Veronica C. Almache B., Roberto Salazar Achig
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Electric substation inspection: YOLOv5 in hotspot detection through thermal imaging

Daniel A. Pérez-Aguilar, Jair. M Pérez-Aguilar, Andy P. Pérez-Aguilar, Redy H. Risco-Ramos, Manuel E. Malpica-Rodriguez
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Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Systems: A Review On Desing And Sizing Guidelines

Diego Venegas-Vásconez, César Ayabaca-Sarria, Salvatore Reina-Guzman, Luis Tipanluisa-Sarchi, Óscar Farías-Fuentes
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Incidence of automotive air conditioning on the index of fuel consumption in spark ignition vehicle on a route in the ecuadorian amazon

Edilberto Antonio Llanes Cedeño, Shayan Fredy Grefa Shiguango, Jaime Vinicio Molina-Osejos, Juan Carlos Rocha-Hoyos
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