Monte Carlo simulation of uncontrolled Electric Vehicle charging impact on distributed generation

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Carlos W. Villanueva-Machado
Jaime E. Luyo
Alberto Rios-Villacorta


The uncontrolled charging of electric vehicles poses a great challenge for distribution network operators and power system planners. Instead of focusing on controlling this uncontrolled load, a model that uses contingency analysis variables to calculate the power capacity needed in the power system is proposed. The unserved power variable is used to evaluate the amount of uncovered load power at each bus of the system, followed by the calculation of the additional power capacity required using a photovoltaic and storage system and another constant generation alternative in the 14-bus IEEE power system with information on some electric vehicles and daily load in the power system of Peru. The results obtained in the power system with distributed generation, the absence of unserved power, corroborate the success of the methodology used. This model provides tools to both distribution network operators and power system planners, reducing the impact on the power system of electric vehicles and providing a methodology applicable to other electric distribution systems with uncontrolled loads.