Issue 32 – July 2024

Deadline: May 15th, 2024

Ingenius, Revista de Ciencia y Tecnología, cordially invites researchers, teachers, students and the general public to participate in the submission of manuscripts related to empirical research, technological development reports, proposals for models and innovations, products from the elaboration of undergraduate and graduate theses that contribute to the field of science and technology, as well as selected state-of-the-art reviews. These contributions should be in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and its integration into what is currently known as Mechatronics.

The submission deadline is May 15th, 2024. Every article approved under double-blind peer review will be published  in Issue 32 on July 1st, 2024.

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Current Issue

No. 31 (2024): january-june

Published: 2024-01-01



John Calle-Siguencia
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 60

Additive Manufacturing

Tensile/Compressive Response of 316L Stainless Steel Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

Germán Omar Barrionuevo, Iván La Fé-Perdomo, Esteban Cáceres-Brito, Wilson Navas-Pinto
Abstract 234 | PDF Downloads 102 HTML Downloads 32

Prediction of abrasive wear and surface hardness of printed parts by SLA technology

P. Muñoz-Valverde, O. Villena-López, L. Mayorga-Ases, CristianUnviersidad Técnica de AmbatoC. Pérez-Salinas, D. Moya
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 60 HTML Downloads 22

Electrical Engineering

A non-linear optimization model assessment for the economic dispatch of isolated microgrids

Carlos Veloz, Diego L. Jimenez J., Veronica C. Almache B., Roberto Salazar Achig
Abstract 354 | PDF Downloads 37 HTML Downloads 14

Electric substation inspection: YOLOv5 in hotspot detection through thermal imaging

Daniel A. Pérez-Aguilar, Jair. M Pérez-Aguilar, Andy P. Pérez-Aguilar, Redy H. Risco-Ramos, Manuel E. Malpica-Rodriguez
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 51 HTML Downloads 15

Computer Science

Optimization algorithms for adaptative route sequencing on real-world last-mile deliveries

Fernando Hernandez, Rafael Sotelo, Marcelo Forets
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 52 HTML Downloads 20

Mechanical Engineering

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Systems: A Review On Desing And Sizing Guidelines

Diego Venegas-Vásconez, César Ayabaca-Sarria, Salvatore Reina-Guzman, Luis Tipanluisa-Sarchi, Óscar Farías-Fuentes
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 55 HTML Downloads 17

Reuse of Electrical Vehicle Batteries for Second Life Applications in Power Systems with a High Penetration of Renewable Energy: A Systematic Literature Review

Jorge Campoverde-Pillco, Danny Ochoa-Correa, Edisson Villa-Ávila, Patricio Astudillo-Salinas
Abstract 247 | PDF Downloads 44 HTML Downloads 13

Improvement proposal in the structural system of a15” R29 rigid mountain bike frame, with fea and geometric optimization

Juan P. Guamán, Hugo E. Crespo, César A. Paltán, Jorge I. Fajardo
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 14 HTML Downloads 11

Incidence of automotive air conditioning on the index of fuel consumption in spark ignition vehicle on a route in the ecuadorian amazon

Edilberto Antonio Llanes Cedeño, Shayan Fredy Grefa Shiguango, Jaime Vinicio Molina-Osejos, Juan Carlos Rocha-Hoyos
Abstract 219 | PDF Downloads 48 HTML Downloads 18
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